The Best Of… Blenders & Juicers

The Best Of… Blenders & Juicers

Welcome to "The Best Of...", where we take a look through the vast depths of our website to find the best reviewed and highest rated products by consumers from all over the world. We've located the exact items on our website and verified their legitimacy. We then provide you with a link to purchase the product with confidence.

Today's topic? Blenders & Juicers. Whip up delicious smoothies, soups, sauces, salad dressings and more for the ultimate fresh addition to any meal. It's a time saver, although you might end up spending more time in the kitchen now that you have the tool to make so much awesome food.


Kesun Blender & Juicer

From ¥159.45

Compact and durable, this blender is capable of pureeing various liquids, soft fruits and veggies for tasty juice blends or milkshakes. For use with harder produce for pastes and soup bases, you can boil them first to soften and then blend away.

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Ergo Chef My Juicer 2


As a brand that specializes in knives, Ergo Chef blenders and juicers have a well designed blade that blends quickly and is easy to clean. It is suitable for use with fruits and veggies, minced meats and soft grains. Remove the blender's cup and take smoothie treats on the go!

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Hamilton Beach Multiblend Blender


With smoothie, icy, puree and chop blending functions, this Hamilton Beach blender includes a stir spoon that allows you to mix ingredients together as you blend. Most importantly, it can mix up a 16 oz. daiquiri in under 20 seconds.

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Ninja Professional Blender


Here we have 1100 watts of pure power that can crush through ice and frozen fruits in seconds. Its multiple blade system will make short work of ingredients and results in a creamy consistency. With a name like Ninja, it's got to be sleek and fast. Note: Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.

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